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Whether you live in Dallas or Houston, Tyler or Ranger, spring and summer is the most common times for severe weather threats to strike. North Texas.

Here are some ideas to make sure your home and your family are prepared. Before storms make sure you have a list of things to do now to help protect your home against dangerous summer weather.

Avoiding Roof Damage

Cut back overhanging limbs from the roof line at least 12 feet.

Cut down any trees that have died due to the severe cold from last February 2021 that could easily fall with high winds and slam against your house.

If you keep any cars parked outside, be wary of surrounding trees, as old trees can lose limbs easily with heavy winds and torrential rain. Dead or rotting trees also attract lightning.

Tie Down Loose Objects

Be on the lookout for items that can easily blow away or damage your home like outdoor furniture, toys and backyard playground equipment. And don’t forget about potted shrubbery on patios and near windows. Stake down the larger items and bring in all that are moveable before a thunderstorm storm hits. Otherwise, gusty winds could lift them off the ground and turn them into dangerous projectiles. (And new indoor accessories!).

Keep Tools Handy

Gather together tools like hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers, and keep them in an easily accessible place. If severe weather strikes, causing your home utility damage, you may need to shut off your electricity, gas, or even your water to prevent additional damage. Having these tools nearby will make this easier.

Family Safety

Don’t forget about your pets and indoor animals swimming or slithering near windows that might be injured by broken glass.

Have a “safe room” to gather in case of tornados to gather your family. General and inside closet adjacent to a bathroom or the bathroom can be used as well.

Stock your room with snacks and water. Keep some old coats, blankets and ponchos handy. Charger for cell phones, pry bar and axe.(you might need to beat feet quickly).

Extra batteries and working flashlights.

Keep phone numbers handy for local electric and gas utilities in case of outages that need reporting to restore your power or if dangerous conditions are present like downed lines or gas leaks.

… And remember

We know the storm will pass, the sun will come out… and with these few precautions you and your family will be safe.